Message from the President & CEO

To our Valued viewers:
We're now at another milestone of taking glory in serving everyone! Next pace is honing our site to make it appear refined a bit more and give you all the best alternative e-arm for the century!

This site is on a renewed directions, in a new management set-up. Its dedication is primarily geared for your satisfaction, much more, the mission is couched in terms of intelligince , ingenuity and industry, towards the very goal of preserving the Filipino culture, elsewhere.

The Santacruzan, which has become the 'gem' to our initial salvo, is one of the Filipino traditions encompassing the talents, virtues or humility in a Filipino woman, giving us, that nondescript feeling of great pride, in a place we always have called, our second best 'home'.

And many more from our site.

Let our vision stand. And steadfast we shall come, bring much and much more, for our granduer, Mabuhay ang Filipino!

Rodolfo Bonjoc Jr
President & CEO

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